Recognizing IMR's Women In Science- Chew Suyin

What better way to kick-off our recognition of the United Nations International Women in Science Day then to feature IMR Test Labs-Singapore Site Quality Manager Chew Suyin.

Women in science-2

A Merit graduate with an Associates degree in Materials Science from Republic Polytechnic, Singapore, Suyin has been the Lead Metallurgical Specialist of the lab since 2014. IMR-Singapore is one of only 2 approved GE Aviation Central Coating Labs in the world. Evaluating coatings requires advanced metallurgical techniques, and Suyin has been an integral part of IMR-Singapore’s ongoing high level of excellence.

Suyin became interested in science because “it requires critical thinking to analyze an observation”. Her work in science feeds her sense of curiosity, because every day is different in the world of materials testing. Starting as a metallurgical Lab Technician in 2011, she was promoted to Lab Specialist in 2013. She credits her advance in professional responsibilities to her curiosity, and her passion to acquire new knowledge.

Knowing that it’s not always easy for women to enter (and excel in) the field of science, Suyin stays motivated by a quote she has pasted on her board: “The world needs scientists, engineers – and if a brain is qualified to do such work, it should be encouraged, not smothered because it is a female brain”. (Marguerite Rawalt).

IMR Test Labs is committed to hiring the best and brightest scientists, engineers and lab personnel, regardless of sex, race or creed. Please join us in celebrating #WomenInScience this week (and all year!).