A Brief History of IMR Test Labs

IMR Test Labs began in June of 1997 when the Chemistry, Mechanical, Machine Shop, Failure Analysis/Welding and Support Staff departments split from Specialty Testing and Equipment, Inc. (STE). The people in these departments worked together to create a lab they would be proud of, and this camaraderie and entrepreneurial spirit is at the heart of IMR’s culture. Some of those people are still with IMR even now.

IMR was created from a vision of a better lab with great customer focus. That vision was shared with others as the start-up team brain-stormed with consultants, planned for the future and worked together to design the layout of the new 6,600 square foot laboratory facilities. A new building was constructed in Lansing, New York and move-in day occurred on January 1, 1998.

IMR has worked hard for steady and successful growth since 1998 and a few highlights of the growth are outlined below.


1999 - 6,000 square feet of lab space is added to the south side of the facility, and at year end IMR employs over 30 engineers, scientists, technicians, and support staff, serving over 450 customers in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

2000 – IMR adds 1,400 square feet of lab space, and by year end employs 34 people and serves 500 customers.

2002 - IMR adds 6,000 square feet of lab space (this time to the north and east of the facility). By the end of 2002 IMR grows to over 51 employees and services over 600 clients across the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

2005 - IMR adds 10,000 square feet of lab space to the north of the facility, creating a laboratory that houses two wings now known as the Technical Center and the Analytical Center. By year end IMR employs over 65 employees and services over 1,100 clients across the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

2007 – IMR celebrates its 10 year anniversary in October with an open house celebration hosting employees and their families, IMR customers and suppliers, and community friends and neighbors.

2011 - IMR Test Labs was acquired by Curtiss-Wright and added to the Metal Improvement Company division, making IMR part of a global company with resources to position our company for steady, swift, and stable growth in the future. 

IMR Then and Now

Acquisitions and Expansion

IMR Test Labs has also expanded into other locations with acquisitions and startups.  

In the fall of 2002, IMR Test Labs - Louisville was opened. The Louisville lab is now housed in a 17,000 square foot facility with a staff that provides failure analysis, corrosion testing, metallurgy, chemistry, mechanical testing and nonmetallic testing.

In February of 2008, Koon Hall Adrian (KHA) in Portland Oregon, was acquired by IMR. IMR Test Labs - Portland employees perform testing services that include: high volume mechanical, elevated temperature tensile, creep & stress rupture, metallography, chemical analysis and fatigue testing.

In December of 2011, IMR launched its first overseas venture with IMR Test Labs - Singapore Pte. Ltd. Staying focused on high-technology industries such as Aerospace, Oil & Gas and Medical Device OEMs, IMR Singapore has grown to provide chemical analysis, mechanical testing, metallurgical testing and is now a premiere coatings lab with several prestigious approvals and accreditations.

In 2012, IMR opened IMR Test Labs - Suzhou in the Suzhou Industrial Park in Suzhou, China.  Located near many major OEMs, IMR Suzhou provides support not only for Chinese manufacturers, but also for many international companies who require testing before materials or parts are shipped out of the country.  This facility offers failure analysis, mechanical testing, metallurgical evaluation and chemical analysis of metallic materials.

Stay tuned as IMR continues to make history!