Chemical Analysis

Material composition is critical to a material's machinability, durability and stability in its intended use.  As products have diversified, we've seen a surge of new alloys, coatings, polymers and emerging materials including fiber-reinforced composites and ceramics. Manufacturers are constantly developing lighter, stronger and more heat, chemical and exposure resistant alloys/materials designed to meet a variety of specific end uses. These may include renewable or recycled materials, making composition and material properties more challenging to identify and control.

Our team of chemists, engineers and lab personnel are adept at analytical technigues such as chromatography, qualitative analysis, gravimetric analysis, quantitive chemical analysis and many other organic chemical tests.  We'll design a testing protocal to help you get accurate data to make decisions from. 

A strict quality system involves chemical analysis to verify chemical composition from raw material to finished product.  This ensures a safe, high-quality product that will meet your customer's needs.

IMR’s chemical analysis group offers a wide range of analytical services on metals, polymers, ceramics, process solutions and coatings. Our chemists and technicians are knowledgeable and have years of experience providing high-quality chemical analyses from routine to specialty.  

Learn more about our chemical analysis services below or request a quote today.

How Can We Help?

Need material checks? All of our labs have chemical analysis (alloy determination/verification) capabilities via XRF, OES and/or ICP chemical analysis. From cast iron to exotic alloys, IMR can analyze it. We offer quick turnarounds, with a three day standard turnaround on metallic materials. We also offer mechanical, metallurgical and corrosion testing services as a part of qualification packages.

We also offer material checks on polymers, glass and ceramics utilizing FTIR, XRF and ICP chemical analysis.

Are you importing materials from overseas?  IMR has labs in Singapore, and China to provide chemical analysis services wherever your suppliers are.  All of IMR's labs operate under the same quality system and utilize Matware for job flow and sample tracking.

Have unknown materials? Metals or polymers, we offer material identification via ICP, OES, SEM-EDX or FTIR.

Have a strange smudge, unknown debris or unknown oils on your parts/equipment? Our nonmetallics group has numerous tools at their disposal to help you determine the source of the contamination.

Need to check your processes? We offer cleanliness testing, gravimetry, contaminant identification and process solution analysis.

Have failures, or material that’s performing differently that past suppliers or lots? We offer failure analysis services on metals and nonmetallics, including chemical analysis, mechanical performance and materialography/metallurgical evaluation. We can also compare old and new lots to help you get the answers you need.

Is your internal lab at capacity?  Qualify one of IMR's labs as your backup when the internal lab can't meet your deadline.  Our routine chemical analysis of metals jobs are handled in three days or less, and polymers in 5 days, getting you results, when you need them.  Expedited services are also available.

Chemical Analysis Services

Alloy Chemistry
Antimony Analysis (ICP)
Ash Content
Cadmium Analysis (ICP)
Carbon, Sulfur, Hydrogen, Oxygen  & Nitrogen
Carney Flow Rate
Chemical Resistance
Cleanliness Testing
Coating Weights
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
Conductivity (ASTM D1125)
Contamination ID
Contaminant/ Corrodent Analysis 
CPSIA Lead Testing
Degree of Crystallinity
Degree of Cure
Density of Powdered Metals
DSC/TGA/TMA Analysis
Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA)
Filler/Additive Analysis
Halogen Analysis (IC)
Hall Flow Rate
Heavy Metals Analysis
Hex Chrome (UV-VIS)
ICP-AES Analysis
ICP-MS Analysis
Impurities Analysis
Ion Chromatography
Material Certification
Melt Flow Rate & Viscosity
Melting Point & Glass Transition
Mercury Analysis (DMA)
Metal Purity
OES Analysis
On-site PMI
PMI Testing (Positive Material ID)
Particle Size Analysis
Percent Crystallinity
Phase Identification
Polymer Testing
Powder Diffraction
Powdered Metal Analysis
Precious Metal Assay
Prop 65
Quantitative Analysis
Resistivity (ASTM D1125)
Sefa-8 Testing
Semi-Quantitative Analysis
Sieve Analysis
Tap Density
TD/GC/MS (Thermal Desorption)
Trace Element Analysis
Unknown Alloy Identification
Unknown Material Identification
XRD Analysis
XRF Analysis

Materials Analyzed

Aluminum Alloys
Beta TriCalcium Phosphate
Carbon Steels
Cast Iron
Cobalt Alloys
Copper Alloys
Dental Alloys

Hazardous Substances
Industrial Water & Process Solutions
Jewelry Alloys
Lead Free Solder
Low Alloy Steels
Magnesium Alloys
Nickel Alloys

Plating Solutions
Powdered Metal
Precious Metals
Solder Alloys
Stainless Steel
Titanium Alloys
Tool Steels
Weld Metals
Zinc Alloys