ICP-MS TRACE ELEMENTAL IDentification of ALUMINUM, IRON-BASED, NickeL, Cobalt, Copper, and Titanium Alloys, POLYMERS AND PLASTICS

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ICP-MS (Inductively Coupled Plasma / Mass Spectrometry) is a very sensitive elemental analysis technique that provides very low detection limits for most elements present in a sample. Samples need to be in solution form, which requires solid samples to be dissolved. Test specimens are digested with a combination of acids appropriate for the chemical composition testing of the alloy.

The instrument is calibrated per use, using calibration standards designated by laboratory personnel, such as Quality Management. The calibration standards are matrix matched (Ni, Fe, Ti, etc.) to the samples being analyzed. Elements to be analyzed are added to calibration standards using NIST traceable solution standards. Calibration curves usually consist of 3-6 calibration standards.

An ICP-MS analysis can quantify a wide array of elements in many different matrices.  

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Chemical Analysis Services

Alloy Chemistry
Antimony Analysis (ICP)
Ash Content
Cadmium Analysis (ICP)
Carbon, Sulfur, Hydrogen, Oxygen  & Nitrogen
Chemical Resistance
Cleanliness Testing
Coating Weights
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
Conductivity (ASTM D1125)
Contamination ID
Hall Flow Rate
Heavy Metals Analysis
Hex Chrome (UV-VIS)
ICP-AES Analysis
ICP-MS Analysis
Impurities Analysis
Ion Chromatography
Material Certification
Melt Flow Rate & Viscosity
Melting Point & Glass Transition
Metal Purity
OES Analysis
On-site PMI
PMI Testing (Positive Material ID)
Particle Size Analysis
Percent Crystallinity
Phase Identification
Polymer Testing
Powder Diffraction
Powdered Metal Analysis
Precious Metal Assay
Prop 65
Quantitative Analysis
Resistivity (ASTM D1125)
Sefa-8 Testing
Semi-Quantitative Analysis
Sieve Analysis
Tap Density
Trace Element Analysis
Unknown Alloy Identification
Unknown Material Identification
XRD Analysis
XRF Analysis

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We can also look for low-level elements in:

  • Process solutions and chemical baths
  • Ion release elements in medical simulation solutions
  • Heavy metals in medical applications and wear debris testingSTANDARDS FOR THE AEROSPACE INDUSTRY
  • AMS 2280
  • AMS 5662
  • AMS 5663
  • AMS 5706
  • ASTM E 2823
  • GE P29A-AG100
  • and more...


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