IMR offers corrosion testing services to provide data to estimate component service life, compare candidate materials in your service environment, and help evaluate your materials and their suitability. Weathering testing also provides quality control by ensuring that your application processes, such as coatings, anodizing and electroplating are being performed to specification.

The best opportunity of replicating natural environmental and atmospheric conditions involve cyclic corrosion testing. Many years of testing and data analysis indicates that cyclic corrosion testing results are similar to outdoor environments in modeling structure, morphology, and relative corrosion rates.

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Accelerated Weathering

cyclic-testing-corrosionCorrosion testing services offered include accelerated weathering methods like B117 salt spray, passivation testing and cyclic corrosion.

Electrochemical Corrosion

electrochemical-corrosion lab-landing-pageTesting is performed through a controlled electrochemical reaction between two materials, or between an exposed surface and its operating environment. 

Metallurgical Evaluation

FormicaryCorrosionIMR's metallurgical team is equipped to identify corrodents and other environmental variables that are directly responsible for corrosion attack.