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IMRE Test Labs PortlandIMR Test Labs in Portland, OR is an accredited materials testing laboratory offering analytical services to manufacturers supplying the Aerospace, AutomotiveMedical Device, Energy, Oil & Gas, Nuclear Power and other high-technology markets.

We are designed to handle a large volume of repetitive work so you get a competitive price as well as an accurate report, quickly.  We strive to run an efficient lab so that your samples move quickly and easily through our departments.  We offer routine chemical analysis, metallurgical evaluation and mechanical testing on a wide range of alloys.

You don't have time to wait on results.  You need accurate answers, fast and that's what we provide in a high-quality report format.  

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Analytical Services

Mechanical Testing

Bend Testing
Charpy Impact Testing (-320F to 450F)
Compression Testing
Creep/Stress Rupture (to 2000F)
Fastener Testing
Hardness Testing (Brinell, Rockwell)
Heat Treatment (Furnace to 2100F)
Hydrogen Embrittlement
Microhardness Testing (Knoop, Vickers)
Proof (Internal & External Threads)
Rotating Beam Fatigue (to 1000F)
Sample Machining & Preparation
Tensile Testing
Welder & Procedure Qualification
Wire Testing (Wrap, Coil, Bend)


Alloy Chemistry
Density of Metals
ICP Analysis
Metallic Material Verification
OES Analysis
Combustion Analysis (C, H, N, O, S)

Metallurgical Analysis

Alpha Case
Case Depth
Certified Weld Inspection
Determination of Volume Fraction by Point Count
Effective Case Depth
Grain Size
Heat Treat Analysis
Inclusion Rating 
Intergranular Attack
Jominy Hardenability
Machining Evaluations
Particle Analysis
Plating & Coating Analysis
Plating Thickness


ASTM A262 Practice B & C
ASTM A923 Practice A & C
ASTM G48 Method A

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