Mechanical Testing

IMR Test Labs is a leading tensile testing, charpy testing, hydrogen embrittlement testing, rotating beam testing, polymer tensile testing and compression testing lab, including Dynamic Mechanical Analysis- DMA as well as creep/ stress rupture.

Measuring the physical properties of parts and raw materials can help you determine their durability and give you insight into how they will perform.  Improper machining, wrong material selection and exposure can all affect your materials and potentially cause costly failures and recalls.

IMR's mechanical testing group offers a wide range of testing to evaluate metals, polymers, composites and finished products.  From routine tensile testing to multi-stage fatigue programs, we are equipped to provide the answers you need. Most testing is completed in three days or less for routine tensiles, hardness and charpy impact testing.  More complex tests like hydrogen embrittlement, dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) and weld testing are handled in a timely manner, complete with thorough and concise reports.

We've expanded our thermo-mechanical testing capabilities with the addition of several high-temperature fatigue testing frames, with the capability of replicating operating environments up to 1800°F.  This enables us to do very accurate LCF (Low Cycle Fatigue) materials testing and analysis for the aerospace, ground transportation and power generation industries.

We offer analysis of metals, polymers, fiber-reinforced composites, coatings and ceramic materials. Mechanical testing of nonmetallics is available at the Ithaca, NY lab only.

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How Can We Help?

Do you need routine material checks or production control?  All of IMR's labs offer standard mechanical, metallurgical, corrosion and chemistry analyses for routine production control testing. Our turnarounds are fast, generally three days or less and we offer special pricing for high-volume work.

Coating tensile/adhesion strength to ASTM C633 have a 24 hour standard turnaround at our NY lab.

We also offer routine material checks on nonmetallics, though turnarounds vary due to special machining and conditioning requirements that come with these materials.

Are you researching new materials or recently changed suppliers? IMR's trained and experienced staff can perform a comparative analysis of different materials or lots, or product from different vendors so you can make an informed choice.  With an apples to apples comparison, you can select the best material for your application. Our reports have side by side data to clearly demonstrate the differences and similarities between parts, lots and manufacturers allowing you to make informed business decisions.

Have suppliers in Asia or Europe?  Do you need to verify materials before they're shipped? Our labs in Singapore and China provide fast, accurate material verification testing. All of IMR's labs operate under the same strict quality system and utilize the same proprietary database to ensure consistency across the board.

Have failures or parts that aren't performing as expected? Data comparing tensile strength, hardness, compression, fatigue life and more can help you determine why component life has decreased or parts are failing in field.  IMR also offers failure analysis services if a more in-depth investigation is needed. 

Does your internal lab get backed up?  Need an alternative during peak times?  IMR's results are trusted throughout a wide range of industries. Qualify IMR to be your go-to lab when you need accurate results quickly.

Need parts machined? We have extensive machining capabilities and experienced machinists to produce the right sample for your tests.  We have a wide range of equipment from our new Hydmech chop saws to low stress grind machining so we can get you the parts and cuts you need.

Learn more about our mechanical testing capabilities below or request a quote today,

Mechanical Testing Services

Abrasion (Taber)
Adhesion (Peel) Testing
Bend Testing
Bond Strength Testing 
Charpy Impact Testing  (-320°F  to 450°F) 
Climbing Drum Adhesion of Sandwich Composites
Coating Adhesion
Coating Shear Fatigue
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion by TMA
Composite Testing (Fiber Reinforced)
Compression Set
Compressive Properties
Core Shear Properties of Sandwich Construction by Beam Flexure
Creep Testing
DMA (Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer)
Elastic Modulus
Fatigue Testing
Filled Hole Tension & Compression
Flat-wise Tensile Testing
Flexural Properties
Floating Roller Peel Strength
Fracture Mechanics
Gel Time
Hardness (Rockwell, Brinell, Durometer, Shore, Barcol, Knoop, Vickers, Macro Vickers)
Heat Aging 
Heat Deflection by TMA 
Heat Treatment (furnace to 2100°F) 
Hydrogen Embrittlement 
Hydrostatic Pressure

Indentation Toughness
Interlaminar Shear
Jominy Hardenability
Lap Shear Testing
Machining & Specimen Preparation
Modulus of Rupture (MOR)
n-Value (Strain Hardening Exponent)
Open Hole Tension and Compression
Pipe Testing
r-Value (Plastic Strain Ratio)
Residual Strength of Composites After Impact
Rotating Beam Fatigue 
Shear Testing of Rivets to ASTM B565, Single/Double
Short Beam Strength
Shot Peen Qualification
Single-Edged Notched beams (SENB)
Slow Strain Rate (G129)
Specimen Conditioning
Strain Gaging
Stress Rupture Testing
Surface Roughness (ANSI/ASME B46.1)
T Peel Strength
Tear Resistance of Films & Sheeting
Tear - Rubbers & Elastomers
Tensile Testing
Torsional and Axial Fatigue (200 lb)
Tube Testing (Tensile, Flare, Hydrostatic)
Welder & Procedure Qualification
Wire/Spring Testing (Wrap, Coil, Bend)
Young's, Tangent and Chord Modulus (Room Temperature)