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IMR Test Labs has long supported the R&D efforts of many major manufacturers around the world.  From composites and coatings for major aerospace OEMs to exotic alloys for power generation and medical device manufacturers, IMR can support your research and development efforts.

What sets us apart is the willingness of our engineers to integrate with project management duties for large or complex projects. We maintain open lines of communication to ensure progress toward project goals technically, as well as within project timelines and budgets

Many clients have turned to IMR so that their engineering groups can be more effective in applying the results of investigations to new products, rather than being bogged down in running tedious test programs. IMR can compare and contrast multiple materials, giving you side by side results that show you the comparability of each candidate material so you can make informed business decisions.

We generally offer faster turnarounds than internal labs can provide, helping engineers develop new materials faster. Our reports are clear and concise so you have straightforward answers to difficult problemsContact Us


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