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Impact Testing for Metals (Charpy) and Non-Metallics (Gardner)


Charpy impact testing is a valuable method to determine the amount of energy a material absorbs during fracture. Also known as a Charpy V-Notch test,  a pendulum is dropped from a known height and impacts a notched specimen of material. By comparing the difference in the height of the hammer before and after the fracture, one can measure the energy absorbed.

This provides information on the material's notch toughness and helps understand temperature-dependent ductile-brittle transition. Ductile vs. brittle fracture can be compared by looking at the shear areas of broken Charpy specimens to estimate a percentage of each.

IMR Test Labs offers Charpy impact testing to several specifications and at temperatures from -320°F to 400°F.  

GARDNER IMPACT TESTINGgardner impact-375

Best for determining the strength of a coating, Gardner impact testing does not use a pendulum, but instead a column with a weight at the top and an impactor that sits on top of the sample.

Specimens are placed under the striker, and a weight is dropped from a known height, impacting the specimen with a known energy. 

IMR has several weights and scales to accommodate a wide range of specimens.  IMR's lab in New York is accredited for methods ASTM D2794 and ASTM D5420.

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