IMR-Suzhou Earns Nadcap Certification for Fatigue Testing

IMR-Suzhou Earns Nadcap Certification for Fatigue Testing
Tue, 07/10/2018

In February 2018, Nadcap audited our fatigue testing equipment, and we earned our certification in June 2018.  Our Fatigue Engineer has extensive fatigue testing experience, as well as laboratory professional training, expert ability in fatigue specimen processing.  Having proved that IMR-Suzhou has improved our fatigue testing facilities, including the high-level vertical polishing equipment, we are proud to announce we have met the requirements of Nadcap and GE for surface residual stress requirements!

The IMR Test Labs-Suzhou laboratory completed the third phase of our expansion project in January 2018, with the introduction of high and low cycle fatigue testing machine. In April, we installed 6 fatigue frames to complete our planned expansion.

IMR Test Labs-Suzhou has fatigue engineers with a rich depth of knowledge and experience, providing material fatigue testing services for you and your products quickly and accurately。Under the long-term effect of variable stress and strain, the fracture phenomenon caused by cumulative damage is called fatigue,IMR Suzhou laboratory can now provide you with a full set of fatigue testing methods, including high cycle fatigue, low cycle fatigue, room temperature and high temperature fatigue performance, K1C, fracture toughness, Da/Dn and more. 

If you need further analysis of the materials tested to failure, our metallographic team has been trained professionally in the areas of fault and destruction modules。With the support of our complete Microscope Laboratory (Optics, Scanning Electron Microscope) and chemical, mechanical and other groups, we can provide a wide variety of testing services for customers.