Polymer, Composite, and Plastic Materials Testing Lab

IMR’s Polymer and Composite testing lab has extensive experience in various physical, mechanical and chemical testing methods.  Many major manufacturers in the Aerospace, Automotive, Medical Device, and Additive Manufacturing industries rely on IMR for their testing.

Our concise reports include stress-strain diagrams with data on proportional and elastic limits, yield points and strength, and compressive strength- critical information for material evaluation and selection.

In-house sample preparation is performed by experienced machinists  to reduce turnaround time and ensure accurate sample cutting. 

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PHYSICAL TESTING OF Polymers & Composites

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Fiber-reinforced composites and ceramic-matrix composites are strong, lightweight, corrosion and heat resistant, making them ideal for industries including transportation, infrastructure and building construction.

MECHANICAL TESTING OF Polymers & Composites

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These modern materials require significant testing and validation to ensure that the raw materials and final products are manufactured and cured correctly for the intended application.


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Our staff is well-trained in the evaluation of nonmetallic materials and will work with you to implement your test plan. Our composites lab provides routine production control testing, support for R&D efforts and failure analysis services to manufacturers in a wide range of industries from infrastructure to aerospace. 



Our polymer, plastics, coatings and fiber-reinforced composites experts are well-versed in the failure modes of these materials. They can provide you a clear, concise cause-analysis report that explains the contributing factors of the failure and suggestions to prevent recurrence.