Nonmetallics Testing

Polymers, fiber-reinforced composites and ceramics are present in nearly everything around us. These durable, lightweight engineered materials are gaining ground because of the wide range of properties they offer. Nonmetallics can be engineered to meet any number of specific applications including heat and flame resistance, flexibility, durability and chemical resistance versus traditional metallic materials. 

IMR Test Labs can provide analyses on new materials, support your R&D efforts, provide production control testing and comparative analyses. 

We have a climate controlled laboratory staffed with engineers and technicians dedicated to analyzing these materials and their unique properties.  We can help you evaluate the various aspects of your nonmetallics, including strength, composition, resistance to wear, chemical exposure or weathering conditions.  

Please visit our polymer testingcomposites testing or ceramics testing pages to learn more about how IMR can help with production control, R&D efforts and failure analysis of your nonmetallic materials.

How can we help you?

Do you need material verification to ensure your supplier is providing the right materials?  We offer both composition and mechanical properties testing.  If you have a large volume of samples and repeat work, let us know. We offer special volume pricing.

Do you need to compare materials and their performance?  Our nonmetallics group can perform a variety of composition, hardness, tensile and other performance tests to compare lots, manufacturers or different materials. We can help you ensure different lots/manufacturers are comparable as well as support your R&D efforts.

Do you have failures that involve polymers, composites, metals, coatings or a sample with mixed materials?  IMR performs failure analysis on polymers, composites, metals, coatings, ceramics, contaminants and other materials, including finished products and assemblies.  Our failure analysis experts have decades of experience with these materials and can help you find the answers you need.

Do you have unknown contaminants on parts/equipment that you need to identify?  Are you finding unusual debris, grease, smudges or other material on your equipment or products?  Our polymer lab has extensive contaminant analysis capabilities and can utilize a number of tools to help you determine the source.

Contact us to learn about how to collect the sample to prevent contaminating it with finger oils or packaging residues that may dilute the sample or limit our ability to locate the source of contaminants.

Do you need to test your product for to RoHS, CPSIA or for hazardous substances? Our chemistry lab can analyze your samples for heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, antimony, arsenic and more.

To learn more about our specific capabilities, please visit our polymer testing page, composites testing page, ceramics testing page or request a quote today.