Learn more about IMR's services by industry served or discipline in the tri-folds below.

All tri-folds are set up as 8.5" x 11" paper, with the exception of those labelled as A4.

Please let us know if you need more information than what's listed here! We look forward to serving your testing needs.


Additive Manufacturing Knowledge Sheet
Additive Manufacturing Trifold
Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) Knowledge Sheet
IMR Louisville Information Sheet
IMR Portland Knowledge Sheet
IMR Test Labs Services (A4 Size)
Medical Device Testing & Evaluation
Nuclear Power Industry
Aerospace Testing Services (A4 Size)
Medical Device Testing (A4 Size)
Thermal Spray Coating Evaluation (A4 Size)
IMR Services List
Ceramics Testing
Additive Manufacturing
Aerospace Testing Services
Medical Device Testing Services
Fatigue Testing Services
Failure Analysis & Litigation Services
Corrosion Testing Services
Cleanliness Testing Services
Automotive Industry Testing Services
Coatings Evaluation Services
Composite Testing Services
Nuclear Industry Testing Services
Energy Industry Testing Services
Oil & Gas Industry Testing
Nonmetallic Testing & Failure Analysis Services
Weld Testing Services
Sample Fatigue Testing Report