Production Support

Production Support

IMR Test Labs has helped manufacturers with production testing support and routine material checks for many years. We have served as a primary lab, or as an overflow lab when clients need results fast and their internal lab is backed up.

We are accredited by ISO 17025 (A2LA, SAC) and Nadcap, and carry approvals by many major OEMs in the Aerospace, Medical, Power Generation and Automotive industries, among others. Our quality group would be happy to schedule a convenient time for you to come in and audit any of our facilities.

We offer fast turnarounds, NIST-traceable results and a strict quality system to ensure that you always get the right answers.  We know that time is money and you aren't making any with shipments awaiting certs or your production lines stopped awaiting answers from slower, less-responsive labs.  This is why IMR strives to not only be accurate, but quick. A wrong answer, fast isn't going to do you any good.

Why is IMR the best lab for the job?

Much of our routine testing is completed in three days or less and expedited services are available. We automatically double-check failures to ensure that all testing was performed correctly and that a failed part has actually failed due to the material, not internal error.

Our reports are concise and our results are straightforward. You get a clear pass/fail statement on every report with all of your identifying information clearly labeled. This makes it easier for you to find certs for different lots, materials or suppliers.

Even better, our experts are the people signing your reports, so you have their names and can call to discuss results, ask questions or inquire about additional testing.

Our reports are customizable. Need special information included in your standard report? Let us know. We can likely accommodate your request.

Also, IMR operates worldwide. With 3 labs in the US and 2 in Asia, we are positioned to provide material checks wherever you need them. All of our labs operate under the same quality system to ensure consistent, accurate results. We conduct internal round robins and quality audits to make sure we're always on point and ready for the next customer, auditor or potential client.

We provide routine material checks on many different materials, both as finished products and raw stock.

Process Solutions
Machining Processes

Request a quote today to find out why IMR should be your go-to lab for part qualification and material checks. If you have testing needs, let us know!  We offer special pricing for volume work.  Learn more about some of the services we offer below and check out some examples of clients we've helped.  Over 94% of clients would recommend us to someone else. Find out why today!

Routine Production Support Services

Accelerated Weathering

CASS Testing
CO2 / SO2 Exposure
Cyclic Corrosion Testing
Electrical Resistivity Testing
Passivation Testing of Stainless Steel
QUV Testing / UV Exposure
Salt Spray Testing
Taber Abrasion / Wear Resistance
Tape Adhesion
Temperature & Humidity Testing

Chemistry - Metals

Alloy Chemistry
Carbon, Sulfur, Hydrogen, Oxygen & Nitrogen
ICP Analysis
Metal Purity
OES Analysis
On-site PMI
PMI Testing (Positive Material ID)
Precious Metal Assay
Semi-Quantitative Analysis
Trace Element Analysis
XRF Analysis

Chemistry - Specialty

Cleanliness Testing
Coating Weights
Ion Chromatography
Particle Size Analysis
Process Solution Checks
Sieve Analysis
XRD analysis

Corrosion Evaluation

Dezincification Testing
Electrochemical Corrosion Testing
Environmental Stress Cracking (ESC)
Evaluation of Duplex Stainless Steels
Formicary (Ant’s Nest) Corrosion
General and Pitting Corrosion Testing
Heat & Fluid Aging
Immersion Corrosion Testing
Mercurous Nitrate Testing
Moist Ammonia Vapor Testing
Passivation Testing of Medical Components
Potentiodynamic Corrosion
Residual and Assembly Stress Testing of Copper Alloys Sensitization Testing
Slow Strain Rate Testing (G129)
Susceptibility to stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC)

Mechanical Testing

Bend Testing
Bond Strength Testing
Charpy Impact Testing (-320°F to 450°F)
Creep and Stress Rupture Testing
Fatigue Testing
Hardness (Rockwell, Brinell)
Hydrogen Embrittlement
Shot Peen Qualification
Tensile Testing
Tube Testing (Tensile, Flare, Hydrostatic)
Weld Qualification
Wire/Spring Testing (Wrap, Coil, Bend)

Metallurgical Analysis

Alpha Case
Case Depth
Coating Thickness by XRF, SEM, Cross Section
Case Depth
Depth of Decarburization
Effective Case Depth
Grain Size
Inclusion Content/Rating
Intergranular Attack
Intergranular Oxidation
Machining Evaluations
Microhardness (Knoop, Vickers, MacroVickers)
Plating Thickness
Porosity of Metals, Ceramics & Composites
SEM Analysis
Thermal Spray Coating Analysis
Welder Qualification & Procedure Qualification

Polymer, Composite Testing

Climbing Drum Adhesion of Sandwich Composites
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion by TMA
Compressive Properties
DSC/TGA/TMA Analysis
Fatigue Testing
Flexural Properties
FTIR Analytis
GC/MS (Thermal Desorption, Pyrolysis)
Hardness (Durometer, Barcol, Shore)
IZOD Impact Testing
Lap Shear Testing
Short Beam Strength