Remit-To Addresses

These are the payment addresses for our facilities. 

Please do not use these addresses for Samples, use the physical address of your lab of choice.

     -To view test sample submission information, click on your lab location below.

Please Contact Us to request banking instructions if you prefer to pay via ACH transfer or wire transfer

US Labs Lockbox Payment Addresses - For payments only

Ithaca, NY

800 – IMR Test Labs – Ithaca
PO Box 772547
Detroit, MI 48277-2547

Louisville, KY

801 – IMR Test Labs – Louisville
PO Box 772548
Detroit, MI 48277-2547

Portland, OR

802 - IMR Test Labs - Portland
PO Box 102609
Pasadena, CA 91189-2609

Overseas Labs Payment Information


Contact Sudheet Prabhakaran ( for payment options

Suzhou, China

Contact Zhang Shu ( for payment options.