Cleanliness Testing

You make a great product and your clients rely on you to maintain a high level of quality. Verifying cleanliness after manufacturing processes can prevent failures in the field.

IMR Test Labs can assist you in ensuring manufacturing processes don't leave oils, particulates and other contaminants behind that can compromise your product's performance reliability and reputation. We utilize techniques including gravimetry and ion chromatography to get the answers you need!

IMR can assist you with your cleanliness testing needs including total organic carbon analysis on medical devices, particulate analysis inside sealed automotive systems and more. We also have the support of our metallurgical, corrosion and failure analysis departments to assist with any additional analyses needed such as SEM, FTIR or GC/MS analysis. We can also provide exposure testing and post test analysis to help you select the right materials for your application.

Ask us about our clean wipe service to see if we can help you monitor cleanliness during production.  IMR Test Labs provides sealed clean wipe kits that can be used at the production line, resealed and sent to us for analysis.  This allows you to improve your production process on a much faster timeline.

IMR's cleanliness testing experts have developed methods to ensure we get a complete and accurate picture of the contaminants involved.  We can work with a variety of solvents, from reagent grade, to common cleaners or your proprietary blends.  

Our chemists have also worked to a variety of specs from manufacturers in a wide range of industries. We will be happy to discuss your test plan with you whether you need internal or external cleanliness testing.  

Learn more about our industry solutions below, or send us your specification/test plan today and our chemists will review it to see how IMR can help you.

Medical Device

In no other industry is the external cleanliness of a product more crucial. Contaminants can cause slow healing, infection or other complications for patients. With methods including total organic carbon and anion analysis, we are experienced and ready to assist you.

Nuclear Power Industry

Cleanliness of parts used in nuclear power facilities is critical to preventing failures. Oils left from manufacturing processes can oxidize and compromise the integrity of metal parts, causing pinholes, weak spots and leaks.

Automotive Systems

Closed systems such as power steering are critical to the safe operation of automobiles, trucks and transportation systems everywhere. Failures can endanger human lives and incur costly recalls and repairs, as well as lasting damage to you and your client's reputation. Let IMR perform cleanliness testing and gravimetry on these systems to ensure particulates aren't impeding the functions of these systems.

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

Particulates caught inside, and oils left outside, can compromise the efficiency and life span of these systems. We have developed proprietary methods, side by side with various manufacturers, to ensure that we get a complete view of what's inside and outside of your cooling systems. Formicary (ant's nest) corrosion is just one of our areas of expertise.

Aerospace Systems

Failures of fluid handling systems in aircraft can wreak havoc on a large scale. Ensuring the safe delivery of your clients, passengers and cargo is critical. IMR's cleanliness testing group performs all testing strictly to specification and can provide oversight to verify cleaning processes of these sensitive systems is handled properly.

Cleanliness Testing of Electronics

Electronics can short out if contaminants are left on sensitive boards and wiring. Contamination levels can be measured at ppm or ppb levels by ion chromatography to ensure your PCB assembly meetings your strict specifications for quality and functionality.