Composite Testing

Fiber-reinforced composites and ceramic-matrix composites are strong, lightweight, corrosion and heat resistant, making them ideal for industries including transportation, infrastructure and building construction. These modern materials require significant testing and validation to ensure that the raw materials and final products are manufactured and cured correctly for the intended application.

IMR's Ithaca, NY lab provides composite materials analysis in a controlled environment to evaluate mechanical and physical properties of cured composites or raw prepreg. We perform composite testing for some of the biggest manufacturers in the industry.

Our staff is well-trained in the evaluation of nonmetallic materials and will work with you to implement your test plan. Our composites lab provides routine production control testing, support for R&D efforts and failure analysis services to manufacturers in a wide range of industries from infrastructure to aerospace.  We're fully equipped to execute compression testing of polymers, composites and elastomers.  Our concise reports include stress-strain diagrams with data on proportional and elastic limits, yield points and strength, and compressive strength- critical knowledge for decision making.

We also machine most of our composite testing samples in-house to reduce turnaround time and ensure accurate sample cutting. Our engineers handle your job from start to finish, accurately marking your sample for our experienced machinists, who have decades of experience with a wide range of materials.

We carry ISO 17025 (A2LA) and Nadcap NMMT accreditations as well as approvals by major composite manufacturers.  See our approvals on our accreditations page. We serve manufacturers in the aerospace, power generation, automotive, infrastructure and other industries.

Whether you're looking for a lab to pick up overflow testing, or your current lab is not providing the results and/or customer service you expect, IMR's team will work with you to determine your needs and get you a cost-effective and thorough quote. We are consistently ranked very highly by our customers on communication and customer service.

Learn more about our composite testing capabilties below, as well as a list of some of the specifications available.  Don't see the spec you need listed below?  Request a quote today, attach a copy of your specification and we'll be in touch to discuss.

Composite Testing Services

Areal Weight
Bend Testing (3 point, 4 point)
Compressive Properties via Multiple
Constituent Content by Volume or Mass

- Resin
- Fiber
- Void

Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA)
Fatigue Testing
Filled Hole Tension/Compression
Flexural Properties

- Modulus
- Strength
- Stress-Strain Response

In Plane Shear Response
Open Hole Tension/Compression
Peel Properties

- Climbing Drum
- Floating Roller

Resin Penetration
Sectioning & Microscopy
Shear Properties
Static Pin Bearing Strength
Tensile Properties (-100°F to 660°F)

- Cruciform
- Hoop
- Flatwise
- Standard

Composite Testing Methods

ASTM C297/ 297M
ASTM D695 
ASTM D1781
ASTM D1876
ASTM D2344
ASTM D2584

ASTM D2734
ASTM D3039/ 3039M
ASTM D3167
ASTM D3171
ASTM D3410/ 3410M
ASTM D3418
ASTM D3518/ 3518M
ASTM D3530
ASTM D3532

ASTM D4255/ 4255M
ASTM D5229
ASTM D5379/ 5379M
ASTM D5766
ASTM D6484 
ASTM D6641/ 6641M
ASTM D6742/ 6742M
ASTM D7078/ 7078M
ASTM E2092

...and more. Send us your specification today.

Composite Failure Analysis

While composites are strong and light, significant engineering goes into developing and manufacturing them to ensure a durable finished product in the end.  Sometimes parts fail and IMR is here to get you the answers you need.  We have worked with a number of composite failure modes, including

  • delamination
  • intralaminar matrix cracking
  • longitudinal matrix splitting
  • fiber/matrix debonding
  • fiber pull-out
  • fiber fracture

Have a composite material failure? Request a quote today.