Contaminants can come from a wide range of sources including oils from equipment, residues from human hands, smudges and streaks from manufacturing processes and corrosion from leaks of water, coolants and more.

IMR Test Labs has extensive experience analyzing oils, stray fibers, metal shavings, smudges, corrosion products and much more. Our nonmetallics lab, in conjuction with our metallurgical group can provide information about the contaminant no matter the size. 

We have a wide range of analytical equipment, along with the experienced, knowledgeable staff to review your sample and provide information to help you narrow down the cause. 


FTIR Analysis
ICP Chemical Analysis
Ion Chromatography
SEM Analysis
Thermal Desorption GC/MS Analysis
XRD Analysis

Contact us to find out how to best collect and ship the sample to prevent cross-contamination, or request a quote today. Please include any pictures or additional information so that we can provide an accurate quote.