Creep and Stress Rupture

Creep testing provides information about the performance of a material under an applied load, often at elevated temperatures.  Stress rupture testing is similar to creep, but with higher stresses as samples are always run until failure.  

These tests are designed to evaluate the ability of a part or material to safely hold a load and are critical to manufacturers in a wide range of industries including aerospace and power generation among others.

IMR Test Labs' facilities in the US and Asia offer creep and stress rupture testing on metallic materials. We can run creep samples at temperatures up to 1500ºF and stress rupture samples to 2100ºF with frames up to 20,000 lbs.  

All specimens are single-point machine within IMR (no plunge grinding) and low stress grind is available.  We have full digital temperature and strain data logging to ensure you get accurate, measurable results and we are ISO 17025 (A2LA/SAC) and Nadcap accredited for creep and stress rupture testing to ASTM E139 and ASTM E292.

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