Fracture Mechanics

Fracture mechanics calculates the relationship between applied loading, environmental factors, the presence of cracks and crack-like defects, and the inherent properties of the material used in components to prevent failure in-service. Fracture mechanics testing is utilized in the Aerospace, Construction and Power Generation industries, among others.

This has lead to improved designs and safer structures. Fracture mechanics testing can provide quantitative results regarding the structural integrity of components and can predict crack initiation, crack growth and crack instability. 

IMR Test Labs offers accredited K1c testing to ASTM E399. Our engineers utilize state-of-the-art equipment, along with years of experience and many successful investigations to help analyze crack initiation, crack growth and crack instability. 

With our MTS fatigue frames and analytical software, our fracture mechanics testing team provides defect analysis and support for your design and development efforts. If parts have already failed, we can do this as part of a root cause analysis and provide recommendations to prevent future failure.