High Temperature Fatigue Testing

IMR Test Labs specializes in high temperature fatigue testing and failure analysis for aerospace, automotive and power generation materials, especially turbines

In response to increased demand for high-temperature fatigue testing (LCF) from the aerospace, automotive and power generation industries, IMR Test Labs-Ithaca has invested in several dedicated High-Temperature Low Cycle Fatigue testing units.  Our lab is compliant with Nadcap testing standards, and we follow the ISO 12016 and ASTM E606 standard practice specs for strain controlled fatigue testing, used for simulating mechanical loading into the plastic region.

The test frame's ability to expose the test specimen to temperatures up to 1800° can replicate the service conditions experienced by turbine blades in gas engines, power generating plants and jet engines.


- High capacity loading frame maximizes lateral and axial stiffness during reverse stress testing.
- Optional backlash free, all-electric actuator delivers precise slow speed control with virtually silent operation and no hydraulic infrastructure requirements.
- AlignPRO alignment fixture and supporting software are provided as standard to ensure precision loadstring alignment.
- Three zone furnace with cascade control of specimen temperature with optimized temperature gradient.
- Dedicated LCF3 software suite provides streamlined test setup and analysis of hysteresis loops, plastic strain measurement and common LCF calculations.
- The Instron LCF system are fully integrated and are supplied ready to test, meeting all appropriate international standards.

High Temperature Fatigue Testing Unit Specimen Loading Process