Medical Device Coating Evaluation

Coatings on medical devices provide numerous benefits including extended wear, biocompatibility and corrosion resistance.  The medical device industry is exploding with new growth and R&D efforts.  These initiatives are not only extending the life of implantable devices, but more importantly improving the quality of life and longevity for patients around the world.

IMR Test Labs has extensive experience providing analytical services on coatings for the medical device industry.  We offer testing on a wide range of coatings, paints and platings inlcuding hydroxyapatite, beta-tri-calcium phosphate and more for production control, to support R&D efforts or overflow testing for your internal lab.  

We have been qualified by many major medical device OEMs and carry a wide range of approvals and accreditations.

We offer compositional analysis, x-ray diffraction testing, metallography and a full suite of analyses to ensure your platings and coatings are made of the correct material and applied according to your specifications.

Learn more about how IMR can help you with your medical device coatings below or request a quote today.

Medical Device Coatings Evaluation Services


Passivation Testing of Stainless Steel (ASTM A967)
Salt Spray
Temperature & Humidity


ICP Chemical Analysis 
Heavy Metals Analysis (ASTM F1088) 
Microtrac Particle Size 
Sieve Analysis


Plating Integrity
Plating Thickness
Grain Size
Oxide Content
Powder Morphology (SEM)

X-Ray Diffraction Testing

Ca:P Ratio of Hydroxyapatite (ISO 13779-2,3)
Phase Identification
Percent Crystallinity
Powder Morphology


Bond Strength Testing / Coating Tensile
Coating Shear Fatigue
Coating Weight
Coefficient of Friction
Hardness Testing
Impact Testing
Peel Testing
Wear Testing