Nonmetallic Failure Analysis

Nonmetallics are ubiquitous in today's world.  Polymer, fiber-reinforced composite and ceramic materials are evolving every day and occasionally fail or do not perform as expected.

IMR's nonmetallic failure analysis group has decades of experience in analyzing and understanding these materials.  We have performed many failure analyses on a wide range of finished products and raw materials including polymers, composites and ceramics.

Our nonmetallics lab, located at our Ithaca, NY facility also has the support of our metals groups if your sample has mixed components.  Whether you need a full failure analysis, or a few tests to eliminate materials issues, our failure group will be happy to discuss your needs.

We also have the capability to analyze coatings, contaminants, grease and oils.  Whether you need cleanliness testing, or to identify a contaminant, IMR will help you understand what is on or in your materials.

Request a quote today and one of our nonmetallics experts will contact you to discuss your polymer, composite or ceramic failure analysis needs.