Thermal Spray Coating Analysis

IMR Test Labs is a leader in aerospace materials testing specializing in thermal spray coating evaluation and high temperature fatigue testingThe aerospace industry relies on thermal spray coatings to ensure durability of parts that will be subjected to wear, high heat, corrosion and other harsh in-service conditions. Proper composition and application of thermal spray coatings is critical to safety and reliability in planes, helicopters and other aerospace applications.

IMR Test Labs has performed thousands of coating metallography examinations on thermal spray, plasma spray and diffusion coatings.  We support R&D efforts, provide overflow testing, perform failure analyses and production control testing for most of the major aerospace OEMs. We are accredited by A2LA/SAC (ISO 17025), Nadcap, GE, Pratt & Whitney, and are also ITAR registered.

Diffusion and thermal spray coating evaluations present unique sample preparation and analytical challenges. Our experts' training, experience, and the equipment utilized provide accurate diffusion, thermal spray, and plasma spray coating analysis results every time. 

Our sample preparation lab utilizes the latest equipment and training, as well as classical methods of prep to ensure we get the right sample so you get accurate results every time.

IMR has also developed a comprehensive training program titled Aerospace Metallography and Coating Evaluation. This program, developed jointly with and endorsed by Pratt & Whitney, is offered at IMR's locations in Ithaca, NY and Louisville, KY throughout the year. 

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Thermal Spray Coating Evaluation Services

Adhesion Testing
Bond Strength Testing
Chemical Analysis
Coating Shear Fatigue
Coating Thickness
Corrosion Testing
Erosion Testing
Failure Analysis
Grain Size
Hardness Testing
Hydrogen Embrittlement

Microtrac Particle Size
Oxide Content
Powder Analysis
Reverse Bending (RBF)
Tensile Testing
Void Content
Wear Testing


IMR Test Labs – Singapore is now approved by GE Aviation as a Central Coatings Laboratory (CCL).  Suppliers who have been approved to add the following coating types and class to their current GT193 may send their round roIMR Singapore now GE accredited CCL Central Coatings Labbin samples to IMR Singapore (see the list of coatings below for specifics).  More coatings will be added to this list in the future as they get approved by GE Aviation.

IMR Test Labs - Singapore carries GE S-400 Code AJ approval on cert T9325, which includes the following coatings: F50TF13 CL-A/B50TF72 CL-A, F50TF15 CLA, F50TF18 CLB, F50TF22 CLA, F50TF25 CLA, F50TF45 CLB, F50TF50 CLB, F50TF69 CLB, F50TF71 CLA & CLC, F50TF75 CLB, F50TF102 CLA, F50TF18A and F50TF22B..

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