Thermal Spray Process Training

Thermal Spray Process Training



This course is taught at your location.  Please contact John Sauer  at for availability.


With any technical process, trained and experienced operating and engineering personnel are the key ingredients for success. This is important in both development and production implementation of any technology. Thermal spray is no exception to this requirement. This course provides a practical mix of theory and hands-on instruction at your facility that results in operators and process engineers with “problem solving” capabilities. During the 5 day on-site course, students fill their “thermal spray toolbox” with valuable tools to solve real time thermal spray issues when they return to the production environment. The training is customized to your processes, equipment, and coating issues. Testing of personnel is focused on your needs and requirements.

Course Outline:

Outline of Standard Thermal Spray (TS) Processes
Theory of Thermal Spray Processes
Cleaning and Grit Blasting
Cooling, Fixturing, and Masking
Process Control, Testing, Powders, and Applications
Practical Hands-on Use of the Equipment
Hands-on rebuild of Equipment
Hands-on Use and Theory of Plume Sensors

Instructor Biography:

John Sauer of Sauer Engineering (since 2000) has been involved in the thermal spray industry for over 20 years. John has both a bachelor’s and master’s in metallurgy from THE Ohio State University. As one of the developers of the GEAE CCL, he has been teaching Coating Evaluation courses around the world since 1993. Concerning TS process development, John was a member of the Hard Chrome Alternative Team (HCAT) which lead the efforts in Hard Chrome Replacement in the aerospace market. SE has also developed Thermal Spray Process Training Courses which again have been taught across the globe and cover training in all aspects of thermal spray. At Sauer Engineering, John additionally provides consulting, program management services, plume sensor (Accuraspray) technical support, stripping technologies, and specification writing to the Thermal Spray industry as a whole. When not teaching TS, you can find John on the pitch in the yellow shirt giving out Red Cards.